Lida Motamed

Lida Motamed
Professional Illustrator / Children Art
Designated illustrator for grade one & grade six national school text books by ministry of education
Published over 400 press artworks and executed illustrations for books and newspapers and magazine
Won the Poster Artwork for COW International Illustration Festival 2015
Won Cover of INPRINT Magazine in 2013
Children Book & Magazine Illustrations
Book Cover & Press illustrations

Art Director Skills
Organizing Art events & Workshops
Illustration & Painting Training
Founder & CHIARWOMAN WONDER World illustration group
from 2007 to present

Organized annual group exhibitions for professional illustrators around the globe
Principal ILLUSTRTOR HAMSHAHRI news paper
from 1997 to present

The most popular national newspaper
freelance ILLUSTRTOR top 10 Children magazines & publishers
from 1996 to present
University of Culture & science, Tehran
Diploma of graphic design

Principal member of National Society of Illustrators
Won 1st place in Children press illustrator competitions 2013
Won 1st place in Visual Art Festival in as Children illustrator 2009 & 2010
Won 1st place in Woman Artwork Cultural Festival as  illustrator 2007
Won 1st place in School Distract 16 Completions as  Animator  1996 ..............

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