Armin Abolfathi

Armin Abolfathi

From I remember I was interesting Of ART and something which has Artistic aspects so it changes my life path and give me strength to keep going.
Always Music was my 1st priority o I attend in art University and after graduated I keep going for become a professional until now.
Innovative imagination in painting workshops made a motivation that tempted me to keep painting and playing music together.

Artistic activities:

Music activities
Working as a member in “Music house” ( it’s a name of an   institute )
Teaching music theories and how to playing Oud ( Oud: name of music instrument)
Cooperation as a member in orchestra Mojeno via Ali Ghamsari
Producing and recording a music album in fusion and alternative genre by Mesbah Ghamsari & Arash Abolfathi on December 2019
Producing vocal music project in alternative and electro-acoustic and will be published in next year.

Illustration activities

Working as a member in “iran illustrators forums” ( it’s a name of an institute )
Illustration for the Flute Recorder Training Book (author: Sara Morshedi) which will be published soon.
Animal Collection Book with their introduction will be published future.
Collaborating with some associated press as monthly-magazine named “Yekdoone” , “Gifted Monthly Kids 'Days of Life”, “Kids' Universe” , “mahak”, “Child Friend” , “Shabnam” , “ Golpooneh” and “Soroush”.
Collaborate with kindergartens and child creativity institutions to produce flashcards such as a variety of collections.
Designing the Cover for Gifted Monthly.
Attending in Exhibition  fair named “ Yalda” (Winter Foot Painting)  and Painting Exhibition in 2017
Attending  in the “Fajr Visual Arts Festival “ (Illustration Exhibition) 2018
I am currently teaching imaging courses under the supervision of experienced professors in the Iranian Society of imaginators.

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